Are you curious about your voice and the way it functions? Would you like to feel more comfortable about the way you use your voice? Does your voice get tired or do you feel you’re just not being heard? Are you nervous about taking voice lessons or not sure it’s right for you?

This introductory workshop aims to demystify the workings of the voice and give you some insight into the practical work involved in developing it. Work within the group (max 15) to explore your vocal potential in a safe and relaxed environment.

Who is it for? Anyone curious about voice work. Amateur singers, anyone who needs to speak more clearly and confidently at work, teachers, presenters, public speakers, in fact anyone who feels they want to know more. Over 18s only.

What will I do? You’ll be guided through a series of practical exercises to explore and develop awareness of the mechanics of your voice. You’ll observe how physical adjustments impact on the sound of your voice and how this makes you feel. The workshop will be in English, but your tutor speaks French also. At the end there’ll be a Q & A session and suggestions for taking the work further.

What do I need to bring? You’ll need to wear loose clothing and be prepared to take your shoes off as we will be moving around. A bottle of water to stay hydrated. An optional yoga mat. If you have any injuries or disabilities please let your tutor know beforehand.

How much does it cost? €15 – 20 per participant

When is the workshop? Thursday 16th May from 19h to 21h

Where will it take place? :
Studios Bleu, central Paris
14 Boulevard Poissonnière – 75009 Paris 
Téléphone : 01 45 23 52 53

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