NEW-  Vous chantez en anglais? 

Get accent training for French and non-anglophone singers and songwriters

An accent in a foreign language isn’t necessarily undesirable. It can provide cultural context and be an integral part of a singer’s identity.  However, if you’ve adopted to sing in an anglophone style, (blues, soul, americana etc ) your listeners may well have more demanding expectations of your English. You spend many hours perfecting your singing technique and style, but do you pay attention to the impact your accent may have? Glaring pronunciation mistakes and incorrect stress patterns make your performance sound less than convincing, and if you’re aiming to reach an English speaking market why leave your accent to chance? English accent training for French singers and songwriters aims to overcome this limitation. It is also adaptable to non-anglophone singers of any other first language on demand.

Accent mechanics

Learn to target problem consonants and vowels. Train the articulators to form speech sounds with precision within the musical phrase.
What are ‘elision’ et ‘reduction’?


Get in the groove

Discover the internal ‘swing’ of English words and play on the rhythm of their  syllables.
Learn how the ‘schwa’ affects the music of phrases and why it is so vital for conveying your message.


Find your flow

Experience how the integral resonance of English affects your vocal technique. 
Allow the sounds of English to convey your intention and emotion.



Tell your story

Tell your story

Consider the cultural expectations of your audience. How might they influence your writing? Find the appropriate tone for the style and context.


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