Singing and acting performance

Whether you are a nervous beginner or an established pro, Sarah can help you move to the next level with expert feedback and proven techniques. Get in touch to find out more about voice, accent and singing confidence training services in Paris, France.





Whether you’re singing, public speaking or acting, performing on stage requires focus and a grounded voice and body. Learn strategies to help overcome your nerves and don’t let stage fright  hold you back from a winning performance. 



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Your English language skills are good, but do you feel the audience is switching off?  It could be your accent is causing confusion.  Get an appraisal now and learn how to convince your audience in English as a second language, with a personalised programme of accent correction.



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You’ve worked on musicality and technique, yet you feel there’s something missing? Learn to connect with your authentic voice and reveal the emotion behind the song. A personalized training programme can help you reach the next level in your singing career.




NEW! Chanter en anglais…

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Solutions customised to your schedule


In studio singer taking notes

Performance assessment

Need some feedback on a specific performance? Request expert feedback on your recording with a breakdown of any points for improvement.

One-on-one Skype sessions

Customised training when and where you need it.

Band rehearsing

Rehearsal group workshop

Feedback and ad hoc training for your group during your rehearsal session.

Accent intensive for singers and songwriters

Workshops exploring the sounds of English language singing.